Home Inspection Checklist
Home Owner Checklist front pageWhether you are selling your home or purchasing another one, it will benefit you to know how the property measures up before you sell or buy. If it’s your own property, you know it better than anyone else. You may not have the expertise of a professional inspector, but you can definitely check your home thoroughly before it goes on the market. By systematically going through your home (with an objective view), you can spot problems before you list your property. Then, you can either fix the problems yourself or call in the pros to do the repairs. These repairs or upgrades could very well enable you to sell your home more quickly. You don’t want to hold up the sale of your property because of unresolved issues.

On the other hand, if you are ready to buy a property, the Home Inspection Checklist can help you to differentiate among the multitude of properties you will see and can allow you to pinpoint any areas of concern, even if purely cosmetic.

Use the whole checklist in detail or as little of the inspection checklist that you want. It’s that simple. Bear in mind, though, that unless you are a professional, nothing can substitute the services of an expert Home Inspector. By checking home properties inside and out, the inspector can bring potential problems to your attention. It should be noted that these inspectors do not inspect areas that aren’t exposed. Neither do they move objects to reveal concealed areas. It is up to you to hire persons specialized in the particular area that concerns you; whether it be a structural, electrical, plumbing or heating problem.

The Home Inspection Checklist is thorough. You decide how much you want to explore. There is ample room for notes. Combine this checklist with pictures of your ‘maybe’ home and you can feel confident in choosing the home that best suits your needs. Complete your decision with a professional home inspection and/or other experts and you can be assured that your ‘maybe’ home will have been thoroughly checked out.

This checklist can also provide a basis for questions that you will undoubtedly have during your search for the perfect home.

If you are using the checklist in your own home prior to sale, let it guide you to those areas that need the most attention. Repair or upgrade beforehand and have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your home is ready for a new owner to walk in.

The detailed Home Inspection Checklist is over 50 pages long, encompassing all areas of the home; inside and out. It’s ready to use.

It will be available very shortly (it is undergoing the final touches). Check back daily.

The companion Home Owner’s Journal will also be available soon. This journal is a record-keeper for all relevant information related to your home. It will allow you to have all pertinent information in one place. This journal is complete; over 90 pages long and allows for keeping records of paint colors, room sizes, window sizes, makes/model of all appliances, records of repairs, diagram of breaker box…and much, much more. Stay tuned!


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