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Homeowner’s Home Journal

Be sure to check back in the coming days for the Homeowner’s Home Journal. It’s something you’ll need with your new or current home. Advertisements


The Thorough Homeowner’s Home Journal Coming Soon!

The Home Journal will soon be ready for download! This home journal will complement the Homeowner’s Checklist. Be sure to check back in the following week for its release! The Home Journal features: Record-keeping for 5 Bedrooms and 3 Bathrooms Pages to record information on exterior of the home Pages to record information on interior […]

The Thorough Homeowner’s Most Complete Checklist is HERE!

Homeowner’s Inspection Checklist Whether you are selling your home or purchasing another one, it will benefit you to know how the property measures up before you sell or buy. ┬áThe ‘Homeowner’s Inspection Checklist‘ is thorough. Use the checklist to: Check out your own home thoroughly before you list it List any problems or concerns that […]

The Most Complete Home Inspection Checklist you’ll ever need

Very soon, the Thorough Homeowner will be releasing the MOST in-depth home inspection checklist you will ever need! Great for current home owners looking to keep up on maintenance, new homeowners, new home buyers and even for those who are moving into an apartment. This checklist will save you time and maintain up-to-date information on […]


Soon there will be content to keep your ‘new’ or ‘maybe’ home ready for inspection, maintenance and updating. Please check back for pdf’s, home journals, checklists, tidbits and advice.